Peggielene Bartels
“King Peggy”

2019 Curtis L. Etherly Jr. Ally Award

King Peggy is the first female king for Ebiradzi Royal Family of Ekumfi Otuam traditional area, in the Mfantsiman Municipal District, Ghana. King Peggy was born in Ghana, moved to the USA in the 1970s while in her early twenties and later became a naturalized citizen in 1997. She moved to the USA to work as a secretary at the Embassy of Ghana in Washington, D.C., where she later retired after many years of service.

Following the death of her uncle in 2008, she was selected as his successor through a series of traditional rituals by her family. Since her ascension to the throne, King Peggy has brought access to fresh water, financial services, vision examinations and glasses and support for fifty student fees and food annually.

King Peggy has been a visible supporter both financially and morally of DC Black Pride for nearly twenty years. Her compassion and love for the Black LGBTQ community is unwavering and without question.

May 2019


About Award:

The Curtis L. Etherly, Jr. Ally Award, first awarded in 2018 is presented to a person who has proven themselves to be worthy of being called an “ally” to the Black LGBT community. Curtis Etherly was the embodiment of what it means to be an ally in thought, word and deed.