Unity Ball

Thursday, May 23

The Icon Charles West, The Legendary East Coast Father Duante Balenciaga, The Legendary Overall Father Domo Khan, and The Legendary Overall Overseer Twiggy Pucci Garcon presents The DC Black Pride UNITY BALL.

Doors: 6 p.m. LSS: 6 p.m. 1st category: 7 p.m. Ball ends: 12 a.m.

Grand Prize

Tag Team Performance: The Dynamic Duo $1000 Throughout time, film, tv, and even comics and written content have presented us with some of our favorite pairs. From Batman and Robin to Tom and Jerry, there are unforgettable teams that have made their mark on our upbringings. Tonight, pair up with one person and bring to life your favorite dynamic duo. You must be from two different houses.

Mini Grand Prize

Team Realness: The Perfect Suite $800 Spades is a game that has brought just as many friends and family together, as its torn apart. Tonight we want to see unity- bring to life the highest cards of the deck (Ace, King, Queen, and Jack). The team can be a combination of any types of realness, but all 4 members must be from a different house.

Face: In The Name of $200

Tonight, we’re keeping it simple: wear all white with a picture of your face inspiration on your shirt.

BQ Sex Siren: Simply Sexy $100

No shirt, no shoes, distressed jeans

Team Runway: The Famous Family $400

From the Proud Family to Family Matters, we’ve seen some of the most memorable representations of what family can look like for decades. Tonight pick an infamous family and bring them to life in the ultimate runway showdown. You must have a team of 4 members, each from a different house; any combination of any types of runway.