Special Room Names

In celebrating 25 years of DC Black Pride, we will pay homage to those who played major roles in the Black LGBT movement. Rooms in the host hotel will be renamed in honor of these trailblazers during Session One Workshops held on Saturday, May 23.

    Wanda Alston Room - Independence Level, Rooms C & B
    Earline Budd Room - Independence Level, Rooms E & D
    Welmore Cook Room - Independence Level, Room G & F
    Bayard Rustin Room - Independence Level, Rooms I & H

Session One: Saturday, May 23, 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Before You Know It: Creating New Strategies to Live a Fuller Life

Bayard Rustin Room
    Moderator: Dr. Imani Woody, SAGE Metro DC Panelists: Mr. Cedric Burgess, Mary's House, Mr. Wes Morrison, AARP DC, Michelle Lanchester, Esquire, Lanchester Law Firm
    You notice little things in the mirror - a gray hair here; a laugh line there and then you get your AARP card in the mail. What's next? Is 50 indeed the new 40? Join us for a lively and moderated discussion that includes you on ways we are NOT aging like our parents and what documents we should have in place to keep us and those we love safe.

Can We Do It Standing Up First?

Wanda Alston Room
    Presenter: Angie Harvey, Growth Advisor
    This is GROWING to be an engaging workshop that will empower each participant to consider the ways we can stimulate and make love in our relationships...standing up or laying down. We’ll discuss and debate the pros, cons and myths about transparency, respect, honest communication, trust, honesty, compromise, understanding and love and discover how making love standing up first can enhance, improve and delight our sexual love making experience laying down...or however they do what they do.

MANDATE: What’s in it for you?

Welmore Cook Room
    Moderator: Ken J. Pettigrew and Terrance Payton
    It’s seems at times, for most black gay men, the road ends at finding a date, a boo or a partner. But, what if the real Mandate’s road ended with you? You may know your perfect date but do you know your perfect Mandate? Its time!

New York Life Blueprint to Financial Sucesss Workshop

Franklin Square
    Presenter: Katiana Jolimeau, New York Life
    Learn how to set a strong financial foundation to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

The New Civil Rights and the Role of Gender in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Earline Budd Room

    Presenter: Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100)
    As young millennials construct a path to travel into a radical space of direct action and youth led social change, it is imperative that we critique and learn from many of the mistakes that were so blatant in the 1960’s civil rights movement. Bayard Rustin understood the necessity to be radically inclusive, especially when confronted with the intersection of racial, sexual, and gender oppression. This workshop will chronicle the work that Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) has been doing to further the #BLM movement and create the "freedom movement of our generation". BYP100 uses a Black Queer Feminist lens, which seeks not only to include, but to center the experiences and analysis of Black, Queer, Trans and Women communities working towards radical change. For example, BYP100 has a current campaign against criminalization, which is centered around women and girls, trans, and queer folks as opposed to singularly Black men. This workshop will also explore the “Deconstructing Masculinity Trainings" that have taken place within the Black Lives Matter Movement. These trainings highlight the important role of gender in the Black Lives Matter Movement.

    Participants will learn the following:
  • The history of how narrow and dichotomous views on gender impacted and ultimately hindered the civil rights movements
  • How BYP100 created a Black Queer Feminist value system dedicated to including and centering those most marginalized
  • How to offer a more inclusive and expansive lens on gender and sexuality in movement building
  • Participants will have peer sharing session about how narrow views on gender have impacted their own personal histories, their activism/professional work and beyond

Session Two: Saturday, May 23, 1 – 2:30 p.m.

A Sharing in the Spirit – What is spirituality?

Franklin Square
    Presenter: Rev. José M. Román
    Are there new forms of spirituality emerging in the modern world? Are spirituality and religion the same thing, or are they different? What are the connections between spirituality and social activism? In this workshop we will have an opportunity to explore spirituality in the modern world, as well as share with each other personal stories of spiritual journey. Finally we will also be introduced to new emerging concepts in the world of theology that are changing the landscape of religious dialogue.

Another Closet?: Living Openly with HIV

McPhearson Square
    Moderator: Aron Cobbs, Community Educator, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
    This workshop will explore both the individual and collective risks and rewards of living openly with HIV, as well as the persistent stigma, legal protections and pitfalls surrounding HIV disclosure in various contexts. In particular, the group will consider the parallels and contrasts that may be drawn to the trans, lesbian, bisexual, or gay experience of “coming out,” as well as the lessons learned from those experiences.

    This workshop will be fully interactive and participants will discuss both the risks and benefits of “coming out”/living openly as HIV-positive, and its relation to the TLGB coming out experience. Attendees will also be introduced to laws and policies that create rights, protections, risks and pitfalls in the realm of HIV disclosure. Participants will leave with practical knowledge and tools to help them better advocate on behalf of HIV-affected communities, and to combat the stigma associated with HIV.

DENIM Presents ILLUMENATIONS A nation of Illuminated men!

Room H
    Presenters: Travis Wise, Maurice Eckstein and Marko Covington
    DENIM is the DMV’s only empowerment center ran and operated by young adults of color. DENIM’s mission is to Engage, Empower and Educate other gay/bi men of color and allies. This workshop will be a multipronged discussion on sexual health and relationships. This will not be your normal workshop no topics are off limits!

MJ Harris Presents Maximizing Your Financial Future

Room F
    Presenter: Malcolm “MJ” Harris
    You deserve financial freedom and security! Join MJ Harris, a leading nationally recognized Licensed Financial Planning professional and head of the National Care Financial Group, for an hour of tried-and-true financial lessons that can change your life. Learn how to reduce debt, have guaranteed income for retirement, and get financial peace of mind.


Room G
    Presenters: Robert E Graham IV and Jamal Redman, Us Helping Us, People into Living Inc.
    Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, is a prevention option for people who are at high risk of getting HIV. It’s meant to be used consistently, as a pill taken every day, and to be used with other prevention options such as condoms. Find out if PrEP is right for you.
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