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DCBP 2013 App Now Available

DCBP AppThe official DC Black Pride 2013 App is now available for download. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Video: Council of the District of Columbia presents Ceremonial Resolution to DCBP

DC CouncilDC Councilmember Anita Bonds and the Council of the District of Columbia present ceremonial resolution to the the DC Black Pride.

Center for Black Equity President/CEO Statement on Jason Collins

Jason CollinsOn Monday, April 29, 2013, Jason Collins, a 34-year-old professional NBA player, publicly identified himself as a Black, gay athlete.

Press Release: Official Events

DC Black Pride Black Lesbian and Gay Pride Day, Inc. (DC Black Pride) is pleased to announce the schedule for the 23rd DC Black Pride festivities. 

Act Against AIDS Leadership Initiative
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DC Black Pride 2013 Workshops

Saturday, May 25, All rooms are in the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill Hotel

Noon - 1 p.m.
Yellowstone (2nd Floor Conference Level)
Transgender Awareness 101: Like Sands Through the Hourglass, the Days of the Trans Life

Facilitator: Leandrea Gilliam

In this Transgender Awareness 101 educational and interactive workshop, participants will better understand the, REAL LIVES and EXPERIENCES of transgender people, particularly African Americans. Participants will gain knowledge and awareness around the diverse trans-identities that stands under the transgender umbrella. In addition, attendees will understand the resilience and unique differences of each individual trans-identity. The Transgender Awareness 101 workshop will offer participants the opportunity to; learn and explore who trans-people really are young and old, the flagrant violations of human rights, and the harassment and bullying trans-people face in our society, and what can be done about it. Moreover, dispel myths, or is understandings about the lives of transgender people, address the variation of gender expression and gender identity, as well as sexual orientation.

Bryce Room (2nd Floor Conference Level)
PReParing for an End: A Prevention Plan to End New HIV infections in Black Gay Communities
Facilitators: Venton Jones and Christopher Watson

This workshop will provide attendees an update on PReP and the latest information vaccine studies available to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Black community. Is the PReP the new wonder drug? Are we any closer to finding a cure? Are more Black gay men enrolling in clinical trials? These questions and others will be explored by two experts in the HIV/AIDS field.

Glacier (2nd Floor Conference Level)
Old School vs. New School: An Intergenerational Discussion

Panelists: Lauren Morse, Patrick Ingram, Genise Foreman & Earl Fowlkes

This workshop is intended to be an open and honest discussion between Black LGBT community members about how different age groups within our community view the world as it exist today. Every generation has developed a lens of the world based on life experiences, prevailing cultural norms, world events and access to media. Can those of the Old School learn something for those of the New School? Come and lend your voice to the dialogue.

Sequoia (2nd Floor Conference Level)
Protected and Served?: The LGBT Communities’ Attitudes & Experiences with Police

Facilitator: Aron Cobbs, Lambda Legal

Even before the historic Stonewall Riots, LGBT people across the country have had a long history of organizing against police misconduct in their communities. Police misconduct can take various forms including, but not limited to, racial profiling, violence, and neglect. Police misconduct against LGBT communities disproportionately impacts racial minorities, transgender people and youth. This workshop will present national data concerning police misconduct and government accountability more broadly, victories that Lambda Legal has won in combating the problem, and provide participants with an opportunity to brainstorm a community response to various forms of police misconduct that they’ve experienced or witnessed.
1 - 2 p.m.
Everglades (2nd Floor Conference Level)
TransENDing Boundaries
Facilitator: Aron Cobbs, Lambda Legal

Transgender and gender-nonconforming (TGNC) communities are underrepresented in discussions and actions around LGBT inclusion. However, they are often targeted and discriminated against more than their LGB counterparts, especially concerning issues of hate violence, homelessness, accessing nonjudgmental and quality healthcare, utilizing restrooms/dressing rooms, and changing identity documents. In this workshop, Lambda Legal staff will offer an interactive empathy-building and consciousness-raising activity, followed by an in-depth discussion of useful strategies and tools to combat the aforementioned problems. This workshop is geared toward allies and members of TGNC communities, and is appropriate for both youth and adults.

Yosemite (2nd Floor Conference Level)

ManDate: The Construction of [Black] Manhood and Masculinity
Facilitators: Kenneth Pettigrew & Kevin Sanders with Jorge Landers

What qualities make a [Black] male masculine? Who taught you how to be a man? What have you learned? Does it have credibility? What qualities or actions, if any, make a [Black] man less of a man?

Grand Teton (2nd Floor Conference Level)
Women’s Inter-Generational Salon
Facilitator: D Magrini

There is a gap that both young women and elders have eluded to when it comes to the sharing of our stories. Both sides have valuable stories to share and there is much that the younger generation can learn from the older, however, there is has been hesitation on both sides in the sharing and in the hearing for quite some time. How do we close this gap? Join us as we have real, difficult and honest dialogue about the past and the present landscape of same gender loving women’s lives.

From movement building, to building healthy relationships - What is it that you wish an older woman had told you as you navigated the waters of your sexuality? What is that you wish you had imparted to a young woman that you learned on your own journey? Let's come together and build a bridge for future generations.

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