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2021 DC Black Pride Leadership Award

The Alliance Group (T.A.G.)

The Alliance Group (T.A.G.)The Alliance Group (T.A.G) is a student organization that promotes acceptance and builds community for the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) LGBTQ+ student population. T.A.G is committed to fostering an LGBTQ+ inclusive climate and educating the UDC campus community through intergroup dialogue, awareness events, community engagement, and national and local partnership. Founded originally in 2005 and revamped in 2018, T.A.G. has worked to unite students, faculty, and staff of the LGBTQ/Gender-Expansive communities to create a safe, inclusive campus community that promotes an integrated sense of identity and social responsibility. Since their revamp, T.A.G has mobilized 500+ students and organized to shift policy on campus. They led a campaign in 2019 to create All-gender restrooms on all 3 UDC campuses and have recently encouraged the Institution at-large to use gender-pronouns in their email signatures. Also, T.A.G is committed to coalition building that calls for centering historically marginalized communities through a Black Feminist lens. T.A.G current president, Shabre West recently created the first LGBTQ advisory council aimed at serving as an accountability measure that promotes an integrated sense of identity and social responsibility to improve the UDC climate for the LGBTQ community at UDC.

—July 2021

About the Award: The DC Black Pride Leadership Award is presented to Black LGBTQ+ community leaders, thirty years old or under, for outstanding leadership.


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