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We are looking for volunteers to help make DCBP 2011 a success. The success of our programs during DCBP depends on committed individuals who volunteer their time and talents. Below are descriptions of the committees that individuals can volunteer for. Click here for the Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Committee
This committee monitors and assigns volunteers to all of the DCBP committees. Duties include but not limited to: assisting in the training and assisting in the management of volunteers and facilitating volunteer informational meetings. Volunteers who select this committee may be asked to work with the other committees if additional support is needed.

Communications Committee
This committee develops and advises the BLGPD board on the implementation of a communications & marketing plan. Furthermore, it ensures the creation and delivery of effective communications with internal and external audiences (e.g. website, e-mails, facebook, twitter, on site signage etc.). The DCBP webmaster is a member of this committee. Those interested in this committee may be asked to assist with dissemination of promotional materials and other forms outreach.

Cultural Arts/Education Committee
This committee organizes and/or monitors DCBP events such as the poetry slam, film festival and Town Hall meeting. Other duties involved but not limited to: assisting with the organization and monitoring of educational and support group related workshops.

Entertainment Committee
This committee organizes events that may involve performers or presentations by artist that require a contract to
perform. Volunteers for this committee should have experience in booking entertainers or have contacts in the entertainment world. This committee will be instrumental to the Sunday event planning and implementation, Volunteers can expect to work with the entertainers making sure that the performances run smoothly and the entertainer(s) have what they need.

Interfaith Committee
This committee assists with selecting and organizing the Sunday Interfaith Service and events that focus around spiritual connection. Signers and bilingual volunteers are encouraged to participate in this committee.

Program Committee
This committee may be broken down into sub committees to cover the planning and monitoring of family oriented programs and events such as; family planning workshops or event, informational sessions that may focus on Same Gender parenting, adoption and foster parenting. Other duties may involve working with vendors and ensuring that the venue(s) is/are set up properly. Volunteers in this committee will work closely with vendors and the general public.

Questions? View the 2011 Volunteer Information or email volunteers@dcblackpride.org.

2011 DCBP Sponsors
Metro Weekly US Helping Us DC Office of Human Rights Washington Blade Whitman-Walker Health The Rubber Revolution AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Glo Tv The DC Center National gay and Lesbian Task Force