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Lisa Monet Dupree

2018 Earline Budd Award

Lisa Monet DupreeLisa Monet Dupree was born, raised and educated in the great state of Virginia. Lisa finds the Nation’s capital as her comfortable solstice to live, work, and play.

Beginning back in 2006 she started working with our homeless population and people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Around 2010 she began working specifically with homeless GLBTQ youth in an effort to ensure this population has housing, gets an education and become productive citizens of our country. During this time, Ms. Dupree shared her heart, talent and articulation for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS as both an Operations Manager and as a youth counselor at Transgender Health Empowerments drop-in centers in the District of Columbia. She has demonstrated her overwhelming generosity and her spirit for ensuring those less fortunate can rise up. Currently, she is an executive assistant for Navigant Consulting, supporting nine directors and one managing director.

She also has been working in the art form of female illusion since 1994. As one of the leading ladies of the illusion entertainment industry in the DMV area, she has been able to work and prefect her craft throughout numerous night clubs, events and pageants across the continental United States. Her career has afforded her to meet and rub noses with many illusionists threw out the world, famous people and travel the United States and aboard to some very exotic locations.

Whenever possible she attempts to provide knowledge, educate or just plain help anyone who may ask her too. She states “I myself am still learning as I take this journey called life. Never look the messenger in the mouth, but listen with your ears and you might learn something from an unexpected source.”

Lisa, always likes to thank her mother for her comforting, yet firm parenting and celebrates and attributes her passion and devotion with Christ as the centermost of strength in her adult life. Her credo, “Thru him I know all things are possible and without him I would be nothing.” Lisa continues to shine as a beacon throughout her successful career, bringing continued light and inspiration to those who share in life’s challenges.

February 2018


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