C. Hawkins
Cultural Arts/Health and Wellness Festival MC and Headliner

Rayceen Pendarvis is a longtime progressive activist who works on issues related to LGBT Liberation. Currently Rayceen is a columnist for SWERV Magazine and the host of "The Ask Rayceen" Show, a monthly live LGBT talk show in Washington, DC.

Rayceen has appeared in several print, television and theater productions and also hosted Capitol Pride, Black Pride, Winter Meltdown and Song Master annual LGBT Cruise. During this amazing journey doors have opened to work with Grammy Award winners such as Patti LaBelle, Chaka Khan and Jennifer Holiday. Being a former elected ANC Commissioner and a Ballroom Legend are some of Rayceen’s many accomplishments but most of all, Rayceen known to all as "Earth Mother to the Gays” — all hail the Queen, Rayceen!

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